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Hey aliens! I am blahblahblah. Currently living in my sweet sixteen(soon to be seventeen ;/) LOVES squash and to chitchat online so much that i could not stop. I don't bite unless you are rude, I am friendly too.

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    Date: Friday, June 18, 2010
    Time: 5:31 AM
let pictures do the talking

    Date: Monday, May 10, 2010
    Time: 1:44 AM
oh welll

    okay so i have not posted some some for some time. I do not have the time bah, so stressful!

    and and my assessment is coming! yet im here updating, wrong timing saja ahh. BLERGHH whatever lah haha

    anywayssss, yesterday was Mothers day. so yeahh., HAPPYY MOTHERS DAY UMI!

    Love you truly and truly everso. I was at lambak at that time so me and adek called her early in the morning just to greett. She was quite surprised.. I can tell from the tone of her voice. HAHA! I bet she thinks we called pasal ada hajat. HAHHAHA i do actuallyy :p SI CHANGG WAHH.

    EHHH anak atu banar. She woke me up like soo very early! manis eh. I slept late jua bah the night before that. She told me that shes pickin me up at 9 ish. sekali pukul 11 bahh! HAHAHA we went to cb to do maths. Frustrating!! Then B dtg then Abiem Then Ammar. It was just the five of us. duh.

    So ookayyy.. I love dad. I love mum. Will uh be updatin sooon.

    ohh and btw,, you can never run away from the truth. Know that? I just pity you that your own self made shield does not protect you but insteadd yeahh.. u know it.

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    Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010
    Time: 6:24 AM


    PANICKING Manchester United officials allegedly tried to cover Rio Ferdinand's tracks by making excuses for him to drugs testers, a disciplinary panel will be told next week.

    The hearing into the star defender's failure to take the test will be told United officials informed testers that Ferdinand was conducting interviews for in-house television channel MUTV Manchester United Television
    MUTV Marquette University Television

    But confusion has arisen because conflicting evidence apparently suggests Ferdinand had already left the club's Carrington training ground.

    The UK Sport drugs testers have been criticised for not sticking tightly to Ferdinand's side after he was informed he would be required to produce a urine sample.

    But evidence that will be put before the three-man disciplinary panel is believed to state testers were twice informed Ferdinand had been forced to disappear from their view because he was doing MUTV interviews.

    The secluded training ground is tightly monitored by security staff and a gateman checks every vehicle entering and leaving the premises.

    Conflicting statements from others close to the pounds 30million defender cast doubt on the assertion he was required for MUTV interviews on September 23, the day of the offence.

    Ben Johnson: Canada's shame

    Hero to goat.

    Johnson captured the imagination of Canadians on Sept. 27, 1988, when he won the 100-metre sprint title in a world-record time of 9.79 seconds at the Seoul Olympics. To make the victory even sweeter, Johnson captured the gold medal by handily defeating American rival Carl Lewis.

    The euphoria of Johnson's win didn't last, however, when it was found the Canadian tested positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol.

    Johnson's claim that the positive test stemmed from a spiked herbal drink the night before the race was unfounded (not that his positive test was any surprise, considering his inflated deltoid muscles and jaundiced eyes, but how many Canadians wanted to believe that?).

    Johnson was subsequently stripped of his gold medal and world record and banned from competition for two years. The disgrace of the event was a black eye on Canadian amateur sport and pushed the drugs-in-sport issue to the forefront like never before.

    Nearly 15 years later, it was discovered that several American track athletes tested positive for drugs before those same Seoul Games. Allegedly among them was Lewis, who was awarded the gold medal after Johnson's disqualification.

    Pan Am 1983: the dawn of drug testing

    The modern age of drug testing essentially started at the 1983 Pan Am Games in Caracas, Venezuela. A team of scientists, led by chemist and drug-testing chief Manfred Donike of Germany, developed a new method for steroid testing in anticipation of two large international sporting events that year, the Pan Games and world track and field championships.

    What followed paved the way for drug testing for years to come.

    Canadian weightlifter Guy Greavette was at the centre of what became the first international drug scandal in sports. Greavette, along with teammate Michel Viau, was stripped of his medals and handed a two-year suspension after testing positive for steroids.

    The Pan Am drug testing caught a lot of athletes by surprise. After Greavette's positive test, a dozen American athletes in various events suddenly withdrew from the competition and returned to the U.S., and at least another dozen athletes from other countries also left without explanation.

    Nineteen athletes in total failed drug tests at the 1983 Pan Ams.

    Greavette's weightlifting career never recovered, though he is still involved in the sport as a volunteer coach and executive director of B.C. Weightlifting.

    In 2001, Greavette told CBC's Sports Journal that he felt he and some other athletes were made examples of while many athletes from other countries got off without penalty.

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    Date: Friday, February 19, 2010
    Time: 6:40 AM
parrtt 2

    I LOVVVEEEE THISSS! (the bottom) Its when i got my whole classmate to sign on ahihihihi i miss them ehh. BLERGGHH. major breakkdownnn incominngg~~~~

    OK. maybe not now. later?

    I drew this especially for Baziiii and Haziq. Visualized it from the their picture eating at Mr.Pizza that i saw.. ;D

    Drew thisssss for BAM. and her long time loveee, TUTTTT hahah
    mati kang ;]

    Thisss is what happens when you left yourrr sketchhh book at homee alone, exposed to humans around it.

    sii babah.
    OOOOOOO he sketches well. ahihihi atleast i get to know its a motorbike of my uncle.

    I stayed at Lambak for two monthss and a half? from Dec 09 til Feb 1o.nyehhh the day dad sent me to serasa wasss err idk. i was oretty upset about it. Idk if he is. Im gonna miss him. so much. I had to go serasa causeee i had to go umm to KK the next day. so yeahhhh. Bye bye Daddyy for me. boo hooo. ;/ oh well, theres always next time right??

    if things were still the same that is. sighhhhhhhhh

    I just got back tadii wahh and anddd no wonder umi suruh rush. Something happened to my brah, Ashraf. I reached home and went straight into the living, eyes WIDE OPEN. People were staring, ervrybody was there.



    soyeahhh, Ustad was reading Ayats infront of my bro. They were kneeling towards eachotherr. and uhh yeahhhh, it was so scaryyy.Then Ustad went to each of our bedrooms. Usually when he's done observing a room, he would tell us theres nothing in there or empty blah blahh blahh but when he went into our seconddd living room (yang jarangg berabisss bepakai causeee naada TV) he was likeee lookingggg up and down, and the stood so still! then turned at us with THE OMGOSH LOOK , i seriously thought he was gona kill us.

    YADA YADA YADA..threw salts and black pepper everywhere. SERIOUSLYYYY EVEN ARAH MY BED PUUNN ADA!!AND AND SO IS INSIDE MYYY SHOEE!! wtf o.o

    Nighttyyy <3>

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    Time: 5:48 AM

    yaaa okay. I know i havent blogged for a while. I KNOWWWWW. Sooo lazyy lately. I mean ALLL these time. huahahha

    Will be so updating this baby when i get my lappy. YAYERS. so yeahh,since i really have a LOT to telll yet lazyy to brag about it, ima just blos about this. enjoy (:

    ZIS IS ME ART frommm 2004-2009

    I got back from a wedding wah and straight away draw this babe with a wedding gown. Kira my future wedding gown lah niii hahahha (:

    Some i drew in classss cause
    1. I wanted to?
    2. I was sleepy.
    3. I seriuosly need to focus on something.
    4. I was desperate to draw.

    I draw these in uhhhhh sayyy 2005?
    That was when im still at Pggmb. Draw these when i missed them during our fisrt year of separation. DREADFULLLLL

    AHIHIHIHIHI talk about too much Cartoon. nyyeehhh.


    reminds me of my hamster whho died eatingahuge applelike this.seriously.. WHAT was i thinking! -.-

    one of my fav was this. I remember drawing this when i was totally fucked up.Yet it turned out pretty okay. ;)


    I was onmyway home from Coffeebeannn then then i glanced up from my phone and saw this car turn a sharp right towards the middle barrier of the highway!! IT WAS AWESOMEE!! but yeaahh, crazyy lah. My stepdad parked at the side straight away and rushed towards the car. PEOPLEAH, ISHHH PEOPLEE!!!!!!PEOPLLEEE WERE STOPPING ALONG THE ROAD WAH. they just stand there talking to eachother. i mean HELLLOOOO THE GUYYYYY IS STILL IN THE CARR!!eggggg muchhh.blerghhhh. Luckily my stepdad tarusss buka wah the door and yeah rescued him. YAYERS. He made it out though... poor guy. He was barely walking and umm shaking his head? went worried about his phone tah pulang. nyehh then some soldier bawa him to the nearest hospital. Whereelsee RIPAS lah. heh

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    Date: Thursday, December 10, 2009
    Time: 10:25 PM
i miss art class

    Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009
    Time: 8:39 AM
mr yould

    FUCK! whats wrong with me.
    WHATS WRONGG!!! Its almost 1 am and and im still AGHH! i cant seem to figure out why, mcm shit eh. Maybe its him. MAYBE.

    Yeah, you mr yould! Im gona miss youuu. Hmm about the 3 months agreement that i made? like what i said is not long... But actually it kinda is. Sorry i lied. Its for the best. My best! (:

    I mean come on dee!! This is crazy! Be happy for him. CHEER UP! like..ENTAH EH! i dont wanna talk about it. sigghhh. :')

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